Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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Managing Committee

It was a long cherished dream of Late Maj. S.N. Bhalla and Mrs. Ritu Bhalla to start a school in the Kumaun Region to provide quality education at affordable price to the people of this region. With this vision they put their shoulders to the wheel to sow the seed of LITTLE SCHOLARS in April 1983. They were assisted in this onerous task by some very dedicated and diligent teachers who helped them in nourishing the seed into a lofty banyan and a citadel of learning.

S.No Name Category & Clause of Affiliation Bye-Laws. 2018
1 Mrs. Ruma Agarwal Officiating Principal & Member secretary Clause 8.2.2(a)
2 Mrs. Manjula Arora Member (Parent/Mother) Clause 8.2.2(b)
3 Mr. Gaurav Sharma Member (Parent/Father) Clause 8.2.2(b)
4 Mrs. Kamna Chhabra Member (Teacher) Clause 8.2.2(c)
5 Mrs. Rashmi Agarwal Member (Teacher) Clause 8.2.2(c)
6 Mrs. Sonia Kapoor Member (Educationist) Clause 8.2.2(d)
7 Mr. Pradeep K Sapra Member (Educationist) Clause 8.2.2(d)
8 Mr. Rohit Bhalla President (BoG Nominee) Clause 8.2.2(e)
9 Mr.Pankaj Bhalla Asst Manager (BoG Nominee) Clause 8.2.2(e)
10 Mrs.Ritu Bhalla Manager (BoG Nominee) Clause 8.2.2(e)
11 Mrs. Sujata Sareen Member (BoG Nominee) Clause 8.2.2(f)