Bhagwat Gita

Life Lessons From Bhagwat Gita

Why should one read Bhagwat Gita?

Whenever we talk about Sanatan Dharm, one thing which pops into every Hindu person’s mind is ‘Bhagwat Gita’. Everybody respects it. Everybody talks very highly about it. You can even see numerous quotes on the internet supposedly taken from Bhagwat Gita. Overall, most Hindus have something to say about the greatness of this scripture.

But, have all those people read Gita? Even better question, do they truly understand, learn, and implement all the valuable things they learned from this holy book?

A person who reads Bhagwat Gita would learn to see and judge himself from an unbiased perspective.

It teaches us the ultimate reality of our existence. It is a lens through which we see indestructible in destructible beings.

Bhagwat Gita is the song of god. Learnings from Bhagwat Gita apply to people with all types of temperaments and dispositions. It is one book that is not bound by time. It would still be as relevant and applicable after eons as it is now. This is the beauty of truth. It never changes, no matter the amount of time that has passed.

Everyone should read the Gita at least once. Especially students. One thing that is crucial for every learner is an unbiased perspective of the world, as nothing clouds our judgment more than our ego.

Here are some valuable lessons you can learn from Bhagwat Gita.

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Understanding one's nature

The teachings of the Bhagwat Gita help students to comprehend their nature and their surroundings without involving their ego. It teaches them the true meaning of being a student.

Practice control over the mind

In Gita, lord Krishna says that the mind is very difficult to restrain. But by practice and detachment, it can be controlled. This is very true, as so many things are difficult to achieve in the world, and yet sheer willpower and many times essential needs drive us to accomplish our goal against all odds. For example,  A hunter knows that a lion lives in the forest too, and is dangerous. Yet, they have never found those dangers as sufficient reasons for remaining at the edge of the woodland. Similarly, a person should strive to achieve control over his mind no matter how many times he fails.

Anger makes one’s perception distorted

Anger is one of the biggest flaws of human beings, It makes a person lose his sense of right and wrong. He couldn’t distinguish between what is true and what is just a figment of his insecurity-driven imagination. No one gets affected by rage more than the person who is experiencing it, Nothing is more detrimental than actions fueled by fury and words spoken in the heat of the movement.

Do not run away from your responsibilities

Human life is never devoid of responsibility. In a way, responsibilities expose us to new situations which help us learn different lessons eventually leading us toward enlightenment. A person who is a householder and yet practices spirituality alongside is a greater yogi than a recluse who has discarded his family or social responsibilities aside to pursue god.

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The true meaning of an enlightened being

Almighty lord, Krishna tells us that merely abandoning bodily activities and giving up on sacrificial fire does not make a person Yogi but doing rightful deeds without worrying about the consequences does. 

Do not plague your mind with doubts

Every action should be done with a clear conscience. Your thoughts and actions should not be muddled with doubt and uncertainty. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, 'When doubt enters into the heart of an individual, he is lost, and he becomes desolated’.

Doing the righteous deed makes a person have faith in his or her decision and eliminates all vagueness.

Desires will never end they can only be controlled

All the circumstances in human life eventually lead to one realization - human desires have no end. The more we get, the more we strive for. Having Desires is inevitable and natural, the goal is to have control over them rather than being in control of the desires. The whole point of human life is to get over this obstacle and understand the truth. An ordinary person becomes an enlightened one when he desires nothing but oneness with god.

Your mind shapes your reality

A beggar can rise above with his willpower and determination to succeed. Similarly, weakness, insecurity, greed, or jealousy can lead a king to his demise Because each person is his friend or enemy.


Spirituality is an essential part of life, it is a fuel for the soul. Only feeding one's body will lead to a healthy life in this lifetime but from nourishing our soul and striving to reach our higher self, we will eventually reach oneness with god.

We at Little Scholars School urge all the students and their parents to read this pious and sublime holy book and lead their lives according to its ingenious teaching.